May 26, 2007

NBPTS and the KBR T-Wall Award

Shan got up bright and early this morning to go take her assessment to become National Board Professional Teacher Certified. The whole thing is very hush-hush (the candidates are not allowed to discuss test questions, etc). She said she is pretty sure she did well on some questions, and there were a couple she struggled with. All I can say is that I am sure she did just fine! :-)

We printed a banner and the kids colored in the letters and the fireworks. I created a little 'something', too.. :-) (attached to bottom of banner):

Mom received the package that had Dad's T-Wall Award. It is a miniature version of the T-Walls they use as barricades. And in it, they embedded a special coin awarded to select individuals for their excellence in "Management, Leadership, and Dignity" plus another emblem included by one of the Team Leaders in Iraq. The award would tickle Dad to no end! Mom and I tried to find words to express our appreciation and amazement at the award, but we left mostly speechless.... Especially when we looked at the back, which had been signed by several of the Iraqi locals that Dad had befriended... We seem to learn something new about Dad and his Iraqi stay almost every day... Turns out Dad and a co-worker talked everyday with several of the local folks that worked with KBR, and Dad was helping them with their English while they were teaching him Arabic (I believe that is the language). Dad would write the phrases he was learning on a dry-erase board and practice saying them so he could talk to the locals in their own tongues! I never would have guess my Dad would do anything like that in a million years! His "circle of influence" truly seems to be never-ending....

My cousin is coming into town today. My Mom is picking him up from the bus station almost as I am writing this! It'll be good to see him again! Hope he doesn't get too bored this week, though... Mom still has school, so there will be lots of downtime for him.... We do live in the boonies, ya know!

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  1. What is in the "Don't" symbol? Can't read it even when I enlarge the photo. The T-Wall award is awesome. Did your dad know he was getting it? And how awesome was the money gift?! Your mom was sure surprised!
    I am glad Nick came to see your Mom and you. I know he is upset with himself for not having phone service when your Dad died. I did try and try to get him. I am glad too that he will help you finish the deck and then it will be done. So your Mom has a deck that was started by her brother and her sons, continued by her sons, and finished by her son and her nephew. What a family project!