May 3, 2007

About my Dad (from a co-worker of his...)

We received the following email from Deborah in Iraq. She is the woman standing next to Dad in the Team Photo in the slideshow below. The message has been edited so that it makes sense out of the context of the rest of the email...

I have attached a picture of the "T Wall award" that will be sent to you from the Project Management Team here at USM-I Central. This T Wall award is an honorary award issued only to a handful of people that exemplified leadership. The circular coin is only given out by the Project Manager here at USM-I, John Attebery, and the other coin was given by Karen Nolan the Deputy Project Manager on the Support side. Karl Schmidt the Deputy Project Manager Operations side offered up the T Wall which represents USM-I here in the IZ.

So many of us have been gathering and sharing Gerald stories ... I didn't know if he shared this with you, but he was deemed "Mr. Rogers" here. He was always so upbeat and cheery that we all wished we could be more like him. He was the man that everyone wanted to have around and have as a neighbor. He kept us all entertained with his quirky sounds, horn blowing and dancing. He was our rock and is deeply missed.

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