May 17, 2007

Idol-ing along.... (Spoiler, Chelle)

This week's "Idol" table shows our feelings about each singer's three songs (thus three votes for each). One thing Shan and I agreed on: Blake should go home.
Idol SingerDave's VoteShan's Vote
JordinY, Y?, YY, Y, Y
BlakeY?, Y, NY?, Y, N
MelindaN, Y, Y?Y?, Y, Y

Too bad we were wrong... Way wrong. How did Melinda not make TOP TWO!? She was the best performer, singer, you name it, on the show this season! Of course, as Simon says, "It's a voting show, not a talent show..." Guess he was right again....

A couple of the folks we know have been to Little Rock to a hypnotherapist. She gave them tapes of what they are supposed to listen to in order to lose weight, etc. Well, they want the tapes on CD. Easy enough. Tonight, while dubbing one off (I hooked up a boombox to the PC, fired up Audacity to record, then once the file was saved, I burned it to CD), I happened to come in during the part where the speaker is telling the listener that she will prefer water over any other beverage. Fair enough. But, wait, what is that I hear? The sound of POURING water!? So, here we have a person in a relaxed, hypnotic state, listening to this, when suddenly, there is POURING, RUNNING water!? I was wide awake and I had to run to the restroom! i cannot imagine what it must be like to be under hypnosis, hear this and have to go to the restroom! Can you see the customer service call on that one?

"Hello? Hypnotherapy..."
"Um, yes, I would like my money back, please."
"What is the problem?"
"Er, well, you see, I wet myself while listening to your tape."
"Excuse me, sir?"
"Evidently, while I was 'under,' the sound of pouring and rushing water caused me to have to relieve myself...which I evidently the bed..."
"I'm ver sorry sir...But-"
"No, buts, lady - you poured water while I was 'sleeping,' and I peed all over the bed! I want my money back!"

I mean, come one, you just as well stick the "patient's" hand in a bowl of warm water!

I drove my Mom to Shreveport today. And, I finally got to see the 'good' side of the town. City, really. Downtown reminded me a lot of being downtown in Little Rock, really. And they have tons of stores, malls, etc. No wonder people go there to shop, eat, play, etc! I am looking forward to going back - which we will on June when Mom has her surgery. Mom and I talked about all kinds of things - Dad, my great-grandfather, my grandfather, the kids, work, and all kinds of things. It was very cool.

On the way home from Tyler's baseball game tonight, I told Shan that I believe there is a "goofy" gene that must be a dominant trait passed on from my Dad to me. And, from me to our two children. Shan said that was okay with her. There are times and places when "goofiness" are not appropriate, but Shan said that my Dad's passing has helped her realize that being 'goofy' ain't all bad, either.... We see a lot of Dad in our kids, and I'm sure Shan sees more of my Dad in me than she'd prefer, but it is part of who we are, and I wouldn't change it for the world.

On Friday, May 18, Shan and I celebrate our 16th Anniversary! It is amazing how much we have gone through in sixteen short years, and how quickly the time has gone by. It doesn't "feel" like 16 years at all. I have been blessed in ways I may never understand. I do not deserve the woman I am married to, and many of my friends would agree without any argument whatsoever.

This year, we are celebrating by going to the hospital to be with Shan's sister and sister's husband as they are bringing their own child into this world. And I can't think of anywhere else I'd rather be.

Happy Anniversary, Shan! I Love You.

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