Nov 24, 2013

#GIESummit Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

#GIESummit Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Since the IFTTT recipe cuts off the title of each post now (and why it is doing that, I have no idea), I will be copying the title into the main body. That way, you at least have an idea what topic is being covered before you start reading.

As I write this, we are sitting in the main lecture hall, waiting for this morning's keynote. Lisa Thumann, Assistant Director, SGEI, Kean University.

Animaljam from National Geographic.

Innovation: Different, Growth, Change, Enlightenment, Progress (Terms our participants came up with)

2013 K-12 Horizon Report:

Key trends:

  1. Students spend significant amount of time online researching.
  2. More than 1 billion people use Facebook - engaging. Why not use social media in school?
  3. Open content - readily accessible to remix and reshare - teach students to look for it, remix it, own it, share it.
  4. BYOD - budgets, more common
Significant Challenges:
  1. Much-needed professional development
  2. Resistance to change
  3. New models for learning (MIT, MOOCs, etc), More informal learning
  4. How do you use BYOD to facilitate differentiated learning? More formative assessment - meaningful assessment
These two lists are parallel! 1 billion people are using FB because it is engaging, yet often in school, there is resistance to change, etc.

Cloud Computing:
Google apps
Distance learning

What are you doing in the cloud NOW that you didn't do a year ago?
  • -- Students are using it now
  • -- Virtualizing servers
  • -- Collaboration for lesson plan development across the district/school
If schools are using mobile devices, how are they being used? If not, what are the roadblocks?
Not using: 
  • support, 
  • fear of retribution should 'little johnny' go somewhere he shouldn't
Using it: 
  • Evernote or Google Keep, digitizing the book; 
  • blogging from device; edmodo; 
  • writing about primary source and storing in google docs then grading it online

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