Nov 23, 2013

#GIESummit 1:15p - To Chrome or not to Chrome (Browser)

Why I chose this:
Interested in learning more of the things you can do with the Chrome browser. Plus, I enjoy Rowland Baker having worked with him through TICAL.

What I learned/am learning:
The three f's:

  • Fast
  • Fun
  • Features

Fast: Quick to launch, quick to load pages, cool shortcuts

Fun: Barrel roll (type do a barrel roll), Tilt

Google Doodles - Archive of Google Doodles, use in classroom (Authors, Inventors, etc) - Graphic for students that might tie into classroom learning.

- Cloud-based features
-- Sign-in from anywhere and bookmarks, apps, etc come in unique to the user.
-- Access to GMail
-- Google+ , Hangout

Downside: Google does not announce their changes. You sign in one day, and everything is moved.

-- Incognito Mode - Does not record pages accessed (good for gift shopping!)

Use Omnibox (address bar) for faster searches. Do not have to go to to search. Just search from the bar.

Manipulate your tabs - move them to rearrange, can break away from browser window to create a new one.

Set certain pages to automatically load on startup.
-- Settings > On Startup Load These Pages

Apps and Extensions for Chrome Browser:
-- Many are free, some cost

QR Code Generator

Go to chrome://extensions to check for errant extensions and can disable extensions if needed.

Awesome Screen Shots
Docs Quickly
Evernote Web Clipper
One Tab - converts a bunch of tabs into one list
Panic Button
Save as PDF
Send to Google Docs
Turn Off The Lights

PDF of slides:

PDF of Extensions:

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