Nov 24, 2013

#GIESummit 9:40a - Google Apps ~ Treasure Trove of Tools for Schools

#GIESummit 9:40a - Google Apps ~ Treasure Trove of Tools for Schools

Why I chose this:
I am always interested to learn how the tools I use are being used by others.

What I learned:

Use Google forms to get feedback and use the graphs and charts from the results to modify your training, goals, etc.


  • Teacher - Tech is inaccessible, time consuming
  • Tech integrator - teaching different tools all the time
  • PD Provider - everyone is doing something different
  • Apps Admin - permissions, accounts, devices, installs, etc
  • Network issues
  • Students need email accounts for web 2.0 tools
Logins, Applications, etc can be consolidated with GAFE. Students can have an email address and limit access within the domain and then add things like Prezi, Glogster, etc. Don't have to teach a new tool all the time because you can build on the tools in GAFE.

1 account, 1 password, 1 login for a whole slew of applications. 

  • Netiquette (Dear Mr. Smith, not "Hey James")
  • Formatting
  • Signature
  • Create a Rubric to teach the students.
  • Create a Filter for student assignments, and canned responses. Tell students to email the thesis statement with a certain subject: "Thesis: BlahBlah" and make a filter to assign a label for organization. Make that subject part of the rubric for assessment! Create a canned response to let the student know you received their assignment. (Ex: "Great! Now, please collect your three sources and work on biblio..")
  • Undo Send - Google Labs
  • Send & Archive option: add button to 'hide' messages after you reply (Ex: "Going to lunch?" "Yeah." then hide it after that)
  • Create a (homework, etc) calendar and embed on google site.
  • If user (student, parent, etc) has gmail account, the calendar(s) can be added to their own google calendar.
  • Elementary: Picture Day, Vocab, Block Schedules (PE, Art, Music), etc
  • Create an Agenda Event - Use the Description to detail what will be happening: overview, links to notes, etc
  • Can be used to teach time management - Student keep a schedule, share calendar with parent, subscribe to your calendar; Parents can access the info and resources
  • Appointment Slots - students sign up consult time; parent-teacher conference times; tech support site visits
  • Add video calls to calendar events 

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