Nov 24, 2013

#GIESummit 11:40a - Google Extensions

#GIESummit 11:40a - Google Extensions

Why I chose this:
I want to see what cool things you can do by adding certain extensions. Plus, my boss was in this one and I need to be able to help troubleshoot. Haha!

What I learned: and look for GIESummit.

What is an extension? Add-ins, mini-programs that help add functionality to the browser.

Useless Ex: One that turns every image into Ryan Gosling (HeyGirl)

Find them in the Chrome Web Store:

Extensions install via cloud, so matter where you are or what device you are on, those will follow you.

Want to get rid of an extension? Right-click it and "Remove from Chrome" or go to settings, Extensions, and remove the one(s) you don't want. (chrome://extensions/)

One Tab (Discussed in one of yesterday's posts): Shrinks your tabs into one tab as a list.

SnagIt for Chrome - Screenshot capture with annotations:

WebPage ScreenShot (annotate web pages):

Send to Google Drive:

Kick@$$ (game like asteroids in your browser):

Evernote Clearly (Eliminates ads, etc to display just the text of a page):

Link Shortener (copies link to current page as a shortened link. Can also create QR Code for page):

Really long url extender:

YouTube Options (eliminates most fluff around videos - no comments, suggestions, etc)

Turn Off The Lights! (Hide screen portions)

Nickelblock (Blocks Nickelback from pages):

Chromecast $35 USB plugs into HDMI port on TV. Projects your Chrome tab onto the TV.

Easy Bib (Creates biblio entry from the page you are viewing):

Ginger (spelling and grammar check)

PicMonkey (Pulls every image on the page, then you can click one for editing):

Docs Quickly (Lets you instantly create doc/sheet/etc from the page you are on - a quick launcher):

GooBric (extension for Doctopus - helps create a rubric based on info in your doc, sheet, etc. Teacher fills in the goobric and can email to student):

Hangout Extension instant access to create/join hangout

Announcify - Screen reader for webpages - robotic:

Extensions Manager

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