Nov 23, 2013

#GIESummit 2:30p - Weekly podcasts with Hangouts on Air

Why I chose this:
We have several projects that will require us to create recorded overviews, and we want to try to leverage our Google Apps to meet this need.

What I learned/am learning: - Host a variety of podcasts in different education categories.

TwoGuys podcast for mobile devices.


Up to 10 people join you within a Hangout

Go to Google Plus, Home, Hangouts, Hangouts on Air
Broadcast to Youtube channel live

Meet with a Panel of Experts, Authors, Smithsonian, etc. (for the session we are in and if you are interested in theatre in school generally)

Best to use headphones to eliminate feedback/reverb

Can join the Hangout from many different devices: phones, tablets, laptops, etc.

Can use the chat window to communicate with participants without talking and/or without having it show up on the broadcast. Q&A shows up, not the chat.

Use it weekly for podcasts. Student-led Google Hangout - hangout with students from other states, other countries. Use it for course discussion and for tutoring - screen share helps with student understanding. Absent student attended via Hangout while student was at home. Faculty meetings. Google Helpouts provides a way for people to get help with whatever topics (cooking, playing guitar, Shakespeare, acting tips, review scripts, Google tools, etc). Some are free and some are for fee.

Demo slam - teachers present 3 min on anything Google, then 48 hour voting for best. Also a Q&A with Google certified trainers.

Professional Development - In-district learning network. Don't have to stay right after school - have it later in the evening or on the weekend for a short time.  Connect with other folks using a tool in other states in order to get a better feel for that tool.

Multiple people can work on the same doc at the same time while in a hangout. Work with students on their work live - no paper notes, etc.

Google+ - You can search for your previous posts, under MORE, choose From You. Then include link to that post.

We connected with folks in various parts of the country and a gentleman from Bangkok.  It was interesting, but not necessarily on-topic. Not for me, anyway. Generally, though, I think I have an idea how to use it for our projects.

TwistedWave - Under 20 minutes, can edit online.

Blue Microphone Snowball is great for recording.

Download the video file, grab the audio and post it as an audio-only cast or keep the video on YouTube.

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