Nov 24, 2013

#GIESummit - 10:40a - gClass Folders and Doctopus

#GIESummit - 10:40a - gClass Folders and Doctopus (not covered due to time)

Why I chose this:
Wanted to learn more about Google Drive tools and tips

What I learned:
gClass Folders:

Google Drive

  • Paperless Classroom
  • Online commenting and feedback
  • Formative Assessment - efficient
  • One copy of each document - from draft to final
  • Full access to view and restore revision history
  • Who made what changes to each document
  • 20 students/1 assignment/6 periods/120 docs shared/600 docs per week/2400 files per month
How do you access the docs?
  • Search for it
    • What if you forgot name?
    • What if the student didn't name it at all?
    • How long does it take to find just one?
  • Use a filter
    • 120 emails in your inbox
gClass Folders - Script that creates the structure
  • Drop Box (Assignment folders) for each student
  • View only folders
  • Edit by all docs/folder
  • Teacher only
Create a repetitive procedure for creation/submission

Teacher sees everything! Offers comments/feedback and student creates and edits instantly and elevates their engagement.

Install the script, then run the script once to get permissions. Run the script again to enter basic terminology (if needed). Enter student and teacher info. Run the "Create Folders" script.

Have the students select their newly created shared folders and MOVE them folder to a new folder. Tell students what to call their new folder.

Have the students open/move any predefined assignments (loaded before they get in there) to their assignment folder FROM the "View" folder. (This makes way more sense when you see it)

If you make a mistake, delete that student from the class list, run the script. Add the student back in and run the script again.

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