Nov 23, 2013

#GIESummit 11:15am - Google Apps Administration

Why I chose this:
I am always looking got helpful hints and tips regarding our Google Apps for Education (GAFE) account and for tips to share with other school techs in my service area and the state.

What I am learning/have learned: - Information/presentation

This is a "basic" session. I have been using GAFE for a couple years now. So, if these notes are a bit sparse, that's why.

Click on Gear on right, choose "Manage this domain."

How do you set up the domain? Settings, Setup - Wizard will walk you through the setup. You can play around for 30 days for free Google Apps for Business to experiment with the admin tools.

Click on the apps you want to configure, click next, etc

FYI,. the new admin tool is a pain in the butt. :-)

Under Profile, you set up the fundamental info about your school/district. New User Features: Rapid Release or Scheduled Release. Rapid Release gives the users immediate access to new features. Scheduled allows for a week or so before rolling out new features.

Creating Users: Click Users, Click Add Users (manually or via comma-separated file). Enter user info. Watch the "Enter Password" link! If you do not assign one, Google will assign a random password. I suggest you create a 'generic' password then require them to change it.

You can assign different admin roles to certain users - limits abilities of admin-style users.

You can sync your directory services with Google if you have LDAP or Active Directory.

You can add aliases for users: Select the User, Profile, Add alias. We use aliases for name changes, mainly. Change the user name then create an alias showing the previous address.

- Staff
-- Teaching Staff
-- Non-Teaching Staff
- Students
-- Break by years

You can enable certain applications for certain sub-orgs.

Hover over organization, find drop-down, add sub organization
-- Teacher
---- High School
---- Middle School
---- Elementary School

Under Google Apps option, you enable or disable certain features for certain groups. Click the green drop-down and choose "ON for some organizations" and select the sub organizations.

Google Labs, if enabled, allow you to add cool functions and features to your GMail.

Marketplace Apps can only be added by and Admin, and once added they apply to everyone in the organization.

Drive: Sharing Settings - Allow people to share outside of your organization or not.
-- Transfer ownership: Enter the from and to addresses and it will transfer all their docs to the second person. very handy for people leaving the organization.

-- Resource Calendar - book certain rooms, projectors, laptops etc. Create a resource for each item (only admins can create the items). When you create an event, you can add the resource(s) to that event. Cannot double-book resources. Can embed on shared site so people can see the resources.
-- Sharing - Can set sharing options. Be aware that users can also edit their sharing. Admins can go into any user's account from the admin side to edit settings if needed.

-- Can users can create sites?
-- By default are they seen by everyone?

How to get help:
-- Support Icon in Management. Gives you a local number to call. Try searching Google first. Also have email support.

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