Oct 28, 2013

#iNacol13 - Monday 11:15 - Augmented Reality

Please note: These are rough notes. Editing may be needed and clarification may be needed upon further review. I apologize for any typos and/or incomplete/inaccurate information. Information entered in this blog is replicated out to various online outlets automatically.

Why I chose this:
Frankly, the title intrigued me. I am interested in learning what programs, sites, apps, etc are being used for augmented reality in online courses.

What I learned/Am learning:
Program started with a demo of Sphero! Very cool!! A little remote-controlled ball that is transformed into a virtual character on a mobile device. More info: http://www.gosphero.com/

http://linkyy.com/TCSSAtrial2 - Social Studies cloud-based textbook

Presenter is wearing Google Glass

MIT Media Lab - cardboard radio, then augment that and control the radio! Very cool! Connect cardboard radio to cardboard speakers.

Augmented door entry: without the app, you have no access. Same with lighting, etc.

QR - Quick Response
AR - Augmented Reality
VR - Virtual Reality

Aurasma - Augmented reality app. Students can make objects to be viewed globally. Load the app and point it to the back of a 20 dollar bill. Superintendent 1 min video welcoming to school when pointed to school mission posted on wall.

QR Codes - put in the library books. Maybe leads to book trailers, book talks, hang from trees, attach to buildings, etc. Make at qrstuff.com, etc. Put on your resume that leads to video, blog, wiki, etc

Delivr.com - change destination of the same qrcode - dynamic qrcodes

Divide the qr code in pieces, and have students build the qrcode from the puzzle pieces.

Set up your Youtube with an address where students could upload videos to your account without your account info.

TourWrist - Clearing house for virtual reality tours. You can turn 360 degrees and view the location. Not a walking tour.

360Pano - Create a 360-degree image.

WordLens - Change text to other language on the fly - street signs, programs, etc

"Flying Books" - Imag.n.tron Morris Lessmore - augments the children's book. Reader transported "into" the book!


Students can make their own pop-up books, coloring books, etc




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