Mar 10, 2010

VH1 Classic's One-Hit Wonders (The #1s)

While flipping through channels Wednesday night, I came across VH1 Classic's "One-Hit Wonders." I thought I'd share some of my thoughts.

First of all, these are "The Number Ones"

  1. Rock Me Amadeus - I love the song, especially the German-heavy version. I missed the whole "group sex" thing the host talked about.  I guess I never paid that much attention to the video. Or the song. Or something.
  2. Toy Soldiers - I had no idea what the song was about, but I never would have guessed it was about cocaine addiction. Again, shows you how much I paid attention then!
  3. How do you talk to an angel?  This was the song all the girls in high school sang ALL the time - rocker chicks, nerdy chicks, stoners - didn't matter.  They all seemed to love the song.
  4. I think we're alone now.   Yes, I admit it - I was a HUGE Tiffany fan in the 80's.  She looked like she could have gone to my school and for whatever reason, that and her music appealed to me.  Until this show, I had no idea she posed in Playboy. I really am clueless.
  5. Total Eclipse of the Heart - I loved this song and bought the cassette. I love the sound of a woman with a raspy voice and have no idea why - Bonnie Tyler, Tanya Tucker, Kathleen Turner, Kim Carnes, Stevie Nicks, etc. I didn't know Meatloaf passed on the song.  Knowing that, it is certainly a Meatloaf-sounding song.  See? I really do listen to everything.
  6. Rock On - I remember the song from "Dream a Little Dream" with Feldman and the recently passed Haim.  This was cruising music at its best for the 80's.  Crank up the volume, put the windows down, and cruise up and down the main strip in town.  As a side note, "Dream a Little Dream" was one of my favorite movies, though I tend to forget about it.  The best scenes are when Feldman does his Michael Jackson imitation in the gym and the end credits with him and Jason Robards. Classic.
  7. Lovefool - Well, as no surprise by now I'm sure, I had no idea this was a song from "Romeo and Juliet."  The soft, whispy voice is pure seduction even now when it comes on the radio.  There is the wanting and longing of love lost or on the verge of being lost.  All this set to an uptempo pop song that contradicts the words. Perfect formula for a hit.
  8. Bette Davis Eyes - Well, there ya go!  A few songs after I mentioned Kim Carnes, she pops up in the countdown.  Of course, the best version of this was done by Eddie Murphy as Buckwheat on SNL (you know, where the question marks come up on the screen!?).  I just noticed that neither Kim nor Bonnie were all that attractive... For me, the draw is definitely the voice.
  9. How Bizarre - Catchy, infectious, annoying... How bizarre.  
  10. Good Vibrations (Marky Mark) - I don't think I have ever even heard this song.  As it plays on the TV, I realize it is a little familiar, but really, I don't know how it made it to number one.  What the heck were we all on that week?

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  1. it would be really nice if you include the artist when you do these