Mar 23, 2010

Spring Break

Ah, yes, it is that wonderful time of year for those of us in education - the spring break! This year, for the first time, every school in Arkansas is on break at the same time. This should have been done years ago. Of course, I happen to think everyone should be on the same academic calendar, have the same bell schedule, and offer the same classes.

As it is, at least we now have a state-wide spring break. If local businesses were smart, especially those like Magic Springs, they would capitalize on the fact that every child in the state is out of school. Offer parents incentives to bring their children to state parks, to amusement parks, to shop.

Ah well, what matters for me is that I am taking the week off to clean house, edit my novel and get it ready for submission, do some shopping, and play with the kids.

Have fun!

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