Mar 3, 2010

10 guys and uh....

10 Guys bring it on… or do they?


Michael - I am so glad he was allowed to stay in the contest after his Dad's oopsie!  I like Big Mike a lot!  Emily wasn't sure. And then Mike sang "OW!" and she said No.

John - "Purple Haze, that's the name of my group…" Yeah, we got that.  Well, he is no John Mayer. 

Casey - Man, everybody does this song. Geez oh man.  Come on. "I don't wanna be" and yet, really, that's all this is - a wannabe song.  Nope, nada, see ay on the flip side of the bargain bin buddy. Well, the girls here like him anyway.

Alex - Emily said "uh no" before I could even get down here to type!  I am not feeling it. At all. Really.  "Everybody No's" - well at the least the title fit.

Todrick - Oh my gosh, what is he doing to this song!?  "What's love got to do with it" has been beaten, thrown into the blender and puked all over the floor. Other than that, I liked it.

Jermaine - The onezie!? I don't think so. Some people weren't likin' it! Shan said this is her biggest NO!

Andrew - Meh. I don't really have an opinion one way or the other, so I guess I'll let him slide with a question mark.

Aaron - I actually like this version.  A little heavy on the runs, but aside from that, I like it.

Tim - Emily's response to his opening line? "I don't" (miss the sound of your voice). Hmm, I dunno. Not great, not awful. What happened to all the "talent" this year??

Lee - Ah, yes, another wannabe.  Sorry, but if you can't pull off a song without sounding like you are whining the whole time, it's time to go home. Maybe he should have sung that instead. Sing it through your nose! Nice.

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