Mar 11, 2010

And so, we have out Top 12 Idol spots for 2010

Spoiler. I tell you who the top 12 are in this post. You've been warned.

Let's see who makes it to the TOP TWELVE!
Didi - makes it to top 12
Shiobhan - Top 12
Paige - Top 12
Katelyn - OUT, and after last night I have to agree.

Tim - Top 12. I think he'll be out soon.
Todrick - OUT, and yeah, now I remember why. Ouch my ears.
Lee - Top 12
Casey - Top 12. I think he could end up top 5.

Crystal - Top 12, and I think she has the best chance to walk away with it all.
Mike - Top 12, and I think he has the best chance of the guys to be the Idol.
Lacey - Top 12
Aaron - Top 12
Alex - OUT. Honestly, either Alex or Andrew could have gone and I wouldn't miss them
Andrew - Top 12

Katie - Top 12, wow. I did not expect that.
Lilly - OUT. Say what!? Wow, I am surprised.

Okay, we've got our top 12 and rally only two of them, for me, should make it through to the end.  Guess we'll see!

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