Mar 23, 2010

American Slider?

We came in late to the party, so we start with Aaron and will try to catch up.


Lee - Recap - uh, no.

Paige - wow, what a disaster.

Tim - uh, what up with the slide!? no.

Aaron - Wow! I thought he did great. I don't know what the other two did, but wow!

Crystal - Hmm. Wow, this was not Crystal's usual stellar stuff. In fact, I think she was close to forgetting lyrics or something. What a weird start. Once she got going, it wasn't as bad, but still it was off. And judging by the comments, we have no idea what we're talking about.

Michael - Man, I am so glad AI let him come back on after making him leave before the top 24 was announced. This guy is simply amazing.

Andrew - I'm not an Andrew fan. Emily said "Yes!" But, he actually didn't do bad on the song.

Katie - She did well, but it sounded like she was trying to swallow her tongue or something.

Casey - Not a bad rendition. Hard to compete with the original, though. I think he's doing okay this week. Better than he usually does.

Didi - Wow some serious overacting there. If the other bad ones hadn't been so bad, she could be gone. But I think she'll survive.

Siobhan - Whoa. She changed her look for tonight. At least she looks 'normal' now. Well, sort of. Best I've seen from her so far.

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