Mar 21, 2010

Catching up on Idol

These are the songs from last Tuesday. We got a little behind. So now we're catching up! It's amazing how many of these folks I do not recall at all. I don't know their names or faces.


Doing a Rolling Stones tribute.

Michael - "Miss You" - You cannot deny this guy! Awesome singer, great performance!

Didi - "Play with Fire" - Hmm. I'm not sure what to do with this one. Not great, not the worst I've heard. Shan and I both go with the question mark.

Casey - "It's all over now" - Nice country rendition of the song. He has a sound something of a mix between Travis Tritt and Bucky Covington. Shan said she liked it better as it went on.

Lacey - "Ruby Tuesday" - Man, her voice would get very annoying very quickly. I just can't get used to that high-pitched wailing sound. Aside from that, I don't think she bad I guess. Shan said she doesn't like the high-pitched whining. Exactly!

Andrew - "Gimme Shelter" - Well, we've found our first major "NO" here! UGH, this was awful.

Katie - "Wild Horses" - Slow…slow….slow…. come on…. Shan sorta likes her voice, but so slow. I just don't know about her.

Tim - "Under my thumb" - Shan said NO quickly. I let it roll around a bit and then decided I wasn't going to jump on the Urban wagon this time.

Siobhan - "Paint it black" - Hmmm… 'dramatic'… that means slow, right? Well, it started out that way. She is way too whiny for me. Waa-waa…

Lee - "beast of burden" - Nasal. Like he is trying too hard to sound something not quite unlike Bruce Springsteen. But, he doesn't pull it off. No, thanks. Next.

Paige - "Honky Tonk Woman" - Yes, yes. I like her voice, especially the little cracks. That adds a lot to this song. She reminds me of Miko Marks in a way.

Aaron - "Angie" - His voice is too high for this song. He comes back down every once in a while, but I don't see him making it much further...

Crystal - "You cant always get what you want" - I like her. She has an Edie Brickell sound to her, and yet not quite the same. Shan said it was a bad song choice. That could be... We both agree we like her voice, though!


Paige - bottom three - whoa! what!?
Lee - safe
Siobhan - safe - jeez
aaron - safe
andrew - safe
tim - bottom three

I love "According to You!" WAHOO!!

Didi - safe
crystal - safe
Katie - safe
michael - safe
Lacey - bottom three
Casey - safe

Bottom three:

Wow, Tim I can see, but the other two!? That surprises me.

WHAT!? How is the heck is TIM the one that is safe!?!? Holy crap! Man, we suck at this.

Lacey is in danger. That makes sense to me. Now, let's see if the judges pull a save. I don't think they will.

I figured Paige would have been saved if she had been at the bottom. Lacey made it farther than she did last year. We'll see what happens from here. Emily says, "She has FANS!? She got voted OFF!"

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