Mar 4, 2010

The girls sing and we're down to the Sweet 16

This is a day late in posting, so you get both our take on the girls AND the results.

Tonight, the girls sing!


Crystal is up first after going to the hospital last night. I am digging this girl's groove! Very nice!

Haeley - Ah, for me, it sounds like she tried to go R&B with it, but was stuck somewhere between country and R&B or something. And, I'm sorry, but the lisp just rubs me sideways. Should it? Of course not. But in a singer/performer, it does. Emily loved it.

Lacey - Hmm. Well, I'm not sure she sounds much different than the original version of the song. The high-pitched "cutesy voice" annoys me. Emily, on the other hand, just said she loves her voice. There ya go.

Katie - Emily is dancing up a storm to this girl and her records on. LOL. I think she's doing a very good job with the song. Not bad. Shan just said, "I think the girls are doing much better than the boys." I agree!

Didi - Ouch, a little flat there in spots (re, well, to my ears anyway). I tried REALLY hard to like this, but… no. I just couldn't get passed something in her voice.

Michelle - Whoa, okay, not thinking so here. Can you say nightclub? We like her, but this was way, way wrong.

Lilly - Man, I like her, but I do not like her version of 'change gonna come.' Man, what a bummer. Emily likes her name. And that she plays different instruments.

Katelyn - I don't know why, but I like her singing and playing the piano. She seems to be singing this from the heart, really into it. Emily liked her piano playing too.

Paige - Wow, "Walk Away" with a weird R&B twist. Well, until the chorus. Why change up the whole song and then fall back on the standard chorus for the most part!? I don't think this works. I'm sure the judges will disagree.

Siobhan - Wow, Aretha. Okay, so let's see. She's got some soul in there for sure. Man, I really like her voice. Not too crazy about the look, but she's got skillz.

Okay, let's see who gets the boot:

Wow, okay, I actually liked "I gotta feeling" very well done!

Tim - safe
Todrick - safe
Michael - safe
Casey - safe
John - OUT - not really a surprise
Lee - safe
Aaron - safe
Alex - safe
Jermaine - OUT - I can't remember just now what we said, but I would guess "OUT"
Andrew - safe

Lilly - safe
Paige - safe
Katie - safe
Didi - safe
Michelle - OUT - we all said no for this week, it was all about the song.
Katelyn - safe
Crystal - safe
Siobhan - safe
Lacey - safe
Haeley - OUT - I am not surprised

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