Jul 28, 2009

Skilcraft Pen Information Update

It amazes me how much the Internet has evolved, specifically in the realm of the World Wide Web. Take for example, the Skilcraft Pen. Some time ago, I posted an article (here) about the government-issue pens that my father had laying all over the house when I was a kid.

The comments involve various memories, and questions about where to find these great little pens. Well, because of the power of search engines and the ability for folks to communicate and collaborate online through these things we call blogs, an answer has been posted:

Privateer writes, "if you're still reading this blog, or article, you're best bet is to order a box off of http://www.abilityone.com/, the website, for the applicable government program. If you're looking for black, medium point, its NSN 7520009357136. If you're just looking for the refills, thats NSN 7510005436792, again, just for medium point. Its about 7.50 for a box of a dozen pens, or 3.14 for a box of refills. Whats really gonna get you is shipping, which is 15.00 unless you order 50.00 worth of stuff. Hope that helps."

Whether a purchase is made or not, it definitely helps! Thank you, Privateer, for surfing in and leading folks to a place to pick up these great pens!

Sidenote: If you do a search for the pen # (7520009357136), you can find several sites selling them as well. I don't know if Privateer works for AbilityOne or not, but without his help, I would not have known the product number to look up in the first place. Again, thank you VERY much for stopping by and giving a hand, Privateer!


  1. Thank you so much for this information. I have been tryng to locate these skillcraft ink pens for awhile. Thanks

  2. FINALLY! I thought I would never find these pens online, but this post changed everything :) Thank you!

  3. I have a Skilcraft Ergonomic Fine pen with blue ink. It is all plastic and I believe they are produced by a group of challenged individuals up in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan or Illinois. I have see ones similiar however, I like the just plain all plastic ones with a fine point. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I haven't found them on the internet thusfar.