Jul 6, 2009

No flying pigs...

I went to the doctor and he said if this were a few months ago, he'd test me for flu, swine or otherwise, but he believes it is viral and it has impacted my nervous system - specifically my inner ear. He said he did not see inner ear infection, but that based on a TILT test (which is named right - they lay you down, take your blood pressure, then stand you up and take it again), my bp dropped 15 points (meanwhile I nearly tilted myself onto the floor, thank you).

So, I am out today and Tuesday for sure. he's got me on meds and I have to wait and see how things are by Wednesday morning. It's ironic to me that the meds for relieving dizziness make one drowsy... I may be in late Wednesday, depending on what things look like late Tuesday.

Aren't you glad you chose to read what's popped in my head lately? I tried to warn you, things are not always pretty in there....

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