Jul 29, 2009

It came! It finally came!

Some time ago, I bought a Magellan 1212 GPS unit from Newegg.com. It was a refurbished item, which means someone returned it, MagellanGPS fixed it and then let Newegg sell it at a discount. Big bonus for me. That is not what this post is about, though.

Magellan has a 30-day free map update guarantee. If you buy a refurb unit, then call them within 30 days, you get a FREE ($75-80 value) SD card with the latest map updates.

I called, sent everything they wanted, and waited... and waited... I finally used their customer service online form and copied everything I had sent into that form. The next day, I get a reply that says I'm good to go for the free update, but I have to pay $10 shipping. I call the 800 number, give the info and wait... and wait...

Today, I get a package in the mail. Inside the package is another package. Why they didn't just send that one, I have no idea. But, inside, I find the SD card.

Now, I thought that the GPS unit would copy the maps from the SD card to the GPS. Nope, you boot up the GPS, press RESET and it boots the maps from the card. So, take out the card, you lose the updated maps (until you put the card back in).

That's not a major issue, except that the SD slot is also used to back up address books, etc. So, of course, I am going to see if I can back up to the maps card.

I am glad I took the initiative to contact customer service for the free update to begin with, but also as follow-up since I had not heard anything from them. Now, I just have to figure out what was updated and if it even matters for the areas in which I travel the most... Regardless, it is worth it to me!

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