Jul 14, 2009

Picture Manager Outlook Express jpg Sharepoint Error fix

Okay, here is a weird one. It seems that a LOT of people online are having trouble when they try to open JPG files from Outlook Express. The computer comes up with an error about making sure you have access to the Sharepoint library etc etc.

The problem is definitely an Internet Explorer 8 issue, and is tied into the Microsoft Office Picture Manager's settings. I have two possible "solutions" (though the first one did *NOT* work for my computer).

  • Right-click the shortcut to Outlook Express. Find the "Shortcut" tab. Change the "Start In" line to read %UserProfile% and click OK. Start Outlook Express and see if you can open attachments.
  • What worked for me was to actually MOVE the location of Temporary Internet Files. Why deleting all the files did not work, I have no idea, but moving those files fixed things for me. First, create a new folder for the files. I went to "My Computer," then the "Local Disk C:" and in there, I created a new folder called TEMP. Then, in Internet Explorer, click "Tools" then "Internet Options." From there, click on "Settings" in the "Internet Browsing" section. In there, click "Move folder..." Select "Browse" and go to the folder you made above (in my case C:\TEMP). You will be logged off your computer, so just click your name on the login screen (or login however you normally do). After your computer comes up, you should be able to open pictures in Outlook Express again!
  • There actually was a 3rd option, and that was to change the default program that opens your pictures. I am NOT including that here because it didn't work for me, and I like having Picture Manager as the default program.

My apologies, but another suggestion I found was to remove Internet Explorer 8 and roll back to IE7. In my world, that is not a viable option. I would venture to say it is also not an option for a lot of other folks either...

I am posting this in hopes it helps someone else...

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  1. Thanks for posting it - it helped me! One of my clients had the problem on three computers (recently installed IE8.) I don't like to leave a problem unsolved at the end of the day. Thanks to you, I can go to bed happy, even if it is 3:30 am. Congratulations on having a head in which such good ideas pop - and thanks again for sharing this one. Joe Grant, London, England.