Feb 21, 2008

Too late to post it...

Well, there was so much going on after Shan and the kids got home from Awana that we did not get to watch the girls sing until tonight. So, we watched the girls sing, made our picks, and then watched the results. All I can say is that we did pretty well...LOL
Christy Lee CookY?YY
Joanne BorgellaNNNN
Alaina WhitakerY?Y?
Amanda OvermeyerNNNN
Amy DavisNYNN
Brooke WhiteY?Y?
Alexandrea Lushington????
Kady MalloyYYYY
Asia'H EpphersonN??Y
Roniele MalubayY?Y?
Syesha MercadoY?Y?
Carly SmithsonYN?N

Of course, if you watch the show, then you know that Joanne, Amy, Garrett, and Colton were all sent home. This year's Sanjaya? Gotta be Danny Noriega......

Megaconference Jr was something of a bust at the co-op, but several schools called to let me know they were watching the web stream of the event. You can watch the archive at www.megaconferencejr.org, if you'd like. It was really cool to watch students interacting with other students all over the world.

On the other hand, the EeePC has been a huge hit around here. Today, we showed off our computers to a couple local school techs, and then we pushed the units up a notch. We showed off the video-playback capabilities which are phenomenal. A ripped episode of Lost in HD played great and in wide format on the EeePC screen! It was awesome! We also played with "rdesktop" which lets you remote desktop into your windows desktop (thereby giving you access to your business apps through the interface) and rdesktop COMES preinstalled!

I have been playing with Linux off and on for many years, and I just now feel comfortable enough to start playing 'outside the box,' so we'll see where things go with my EeePC. :-)

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