Feb 27, 2008

Idol This Week

Watching Idol on DVR makes life so much smoother! There is nothing quite like being able to skip through commercials, boring drawn-out commentary and really, really bad singing. And, this week, there was plenty of the latter! UGH. The guys started weak and ended strong, while the women started strong and then let the wheels fall off.

Here are this week's picks and pans:
Michael JohnsNN
Jason Castro?Y
Luke Menard?N
Robbie Carrico??
Danny NoriegaNN
David HernandezYY
Jason YeagerYY
David CookY?
David ArchuletaY*Y

The * was Shan's favorite guy this week. She wanted to be sure I mentioned that she is not a fan of the 'dreads' on Jason Castro. she also wanted to be sure that you knew all her question marks could have/should have been NO's and the NO's were more along te lines of "not NO, but He!! NO." (those are my words, not hers - lol)

We predict that Michael Johns and Luke Menard will go home. Noriega should go home, but he'll be this year's Sanjaya. sorry, but there is just too much sugar in kid's blood for my tastes. UGH.

And the girls?
Carly SmithsonYY
Syesha MercadoYY
Brooke White??
Ramiele MalubayYY
Kristy Lee CookY*Y
Amanda OvermyerNN
Alaina Whitaker?N
Alexandre’a LushingtonNN
Kady Malloy?N
Asia’h Epperson?N

Again, the * shows shan's favorite for the week. Shan likes Carly but wishes she would cover up the tattoo on her arm. I thought Carly did okay, but she tried too hard to be "Heart" in the chorus. We think Amanda Overmyer, Alaina Whitaker and Alexandre'a Lushington have the best chance to go home. Guess we'll see!

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