Feb 19, 2008

American Idol Time!

Yes, Idol has been on for several weeks, but this is the first week that really matters to those of us who watch and never vote! Tonight (Tuesday), we all participated, which was a lot of fun! Here are our likes and dislikes (a Y means "liked them," a N means "ain't no way, man," and a ? means "we'll have to see about that person..."). As you will see, Emily is kinda like Paula - she wants to give everyone a chance... Here are our picks and pans for The Boys, Week 1:
David Hernandez??Y?
David CookY?YY
Jason YeagerN??Y
Robbie CarricoN?YY
David ArchuletaY?YY
Danny NoriegaN?NN
Luke Menard??N?
Colton BerryN?NN
Garrett HaleyN??Y
Jason Castro??YY
Michael JohnsY?YY

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