Jun 5, 2007

Summer Hours

At work, we are on what we call "summer hours." This means we get Fridays off! YAY! It also means we work from 7:30 in the morning until 5:00 in the evening... Long days ahead...

One of the current "favorites" that the kids like to listen to in my truck is Avril Lavigne's "Girlfriend." The first time I heard the song, I heard the "radio edit" version, in which they simply silenced the "M-Fing" part of the song. next, came the "Clean Version" in which they changed "M-Fing princess" to "the one and only princess," which was better, but the song still used "damn" and "hell" more than I cared for the kids to hear. Enter "Audacity." (The same software I used to record those hypnosis tapes I talked about a while ago) I brought the song into Audacity and edited out the cuss words into what I call the "Squeaky-Clean" version. There is one bad skip because I got tired of trying to make it perfect, and it is near the beginning of the song, so you forget about it as the song plays on... But, it works for me! :-) What i want to do is take some of the 'remix' songs I have and edit them to my taste. For example, I have a cool extended remix of "Take on Me" (by A-Ha, may be before your time...). The remix only uses the "Take on Me" part... As in, NO lyrics at all! UGH. Sorry, I am too old school for listening to the chorus over and over and over again without any lyrics to go with them! So, I will take the 'normal' version of the song and blend it with the remix to make a version *I* like! :-) And I am going to try to use Audacity to do it. I'll keep ya posted, I'm sure... :-)

The Tribe (that would the Cleveland Indians, for those of you who are not sports/baseball fans) are number ONE in the American League Central Division at the time of this writing!! WAHOO!

Speaking of the Cleveland Indians, I have a MASSIVE (well, massive to me anyway - I have nothing to compare it to) collection of Indians cards. I have been an Indians fan/follower since I was a tyke back in the VERY early 1970's, and have been collecting off and on ever since. When the World Wide Web was born, and eBay soon followed, I discovered a wonderful (read: addictive) way to enhance and expand my collection. It is now so expanded and enhanced that it is out of control. The cards have been in binders for years now, but I have had many false starts in actually ORGANIZING them. For the past few weeks, I have been putting the cards into a database (The Card Collector) so I could a handle on which cards I have, which cards i need in order to complete team sets, and just how many I have... I decided (for reasons not quite clear to me) to start with the 1970 cards and work forward until I had all the cards up to my most current ones entered. Once that is done, i will go back and enter the ones I have starting with 1900 and work up to 1979. Yes, I have a few that are 1909 T-206. Those cards are almost 100 YEARS old! How cool is that!?! :-)

My best guess for the number of single, non-duplicated Indians cards I have is about 5000. But, I am probably way short on that estimate, because from 1970-1990 alone, I have just over 1500 cards. It's been fun 'looking back' at the players I watched growing up and seeing players I have no recollection of.. :-)

My ultimate goals are these (not in any order, and I prolly forgot a few):
  • Complete as many teams sets as possible,
  • Have at least one sample of every brand/style/etc of Indians card ever made,
  • Scan all the cards I own to create a 'digital collection,'
  • publish an exhaustive/comprehensive book of Indians cards for other collectors,
  • Sell the entire collection immediately following a Cleveland Indians World Series win.

Okay, the last one has been a "goal" of mine for years. but, could I really sell my collection as soon as the Tribe pulls off a World Series win?? Hard to say, and judging by their team history, I won't have to worry about it for a long, long time... :-)

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  1. So, you have a 9 and a half hour day. And then probably get 1/2 hour or an hour for lunch. I would do a ten hour a day 4 day work week! That would be wonderful. I think I would opt for Mondays off, though.
    I remember the shelves in your room in Mount Vernon that you had started filling with the binders of baseball cards. How cool that you have kept up with it your whole life!
    Where are the weekend pics from? Looks like alot of fun!