Jun 9, 2007

A plaque, a pitcher, and a song (or two)

Mom received the plaque for her deck - the "Jerry Henderson Memorial Deck." Of course, I haven't taken a picture of it yet, but I will, and I'll post it here. Brian and I hung it, and yes, we actually used a level and a measuring tape... Who knew my Uncle would have such an impact on us.. :-)

Tyler was the starting pitcher for his most recent ballgame. Considering it was the first time he ever pitched, I'd say he did well. A lot of balls hit the dirt, but some of that was the catcher's fault. He threw several strikes, and only hit one batter. I say 'only' because our other pitchers have hit plenty of batters, sometimes in one game alone! I talked to the coach this afternoon, and he said he was proud of the job Tyler did. He said Tyler threw about 55 pitches over two innings, and any time the catcher talked to him, Tyler was willing to modify his stance, throws, etc. The coach said he couldn't say that about most of his pitchers. Tyler did very, very well, and we are ALL very, very proud of him! I videotaped the game, so I'll grab some vidcaps (that is - video stills) and post 'em up here, too... :-)

Emily had a double-header on Friday, and she did great! I got a lot of video footage showing her doing what she does best - playing in the dirt! :-) It is hilarious (and, yes, I'll post some stills from that). The double-header postponed our trip to Wal-Mart, though, so we had to go today (Saturday). When we got to Wal-Mart (after a trip to Mickey-D's for lunch and a trip through the car wash), I had turned off the van, and Shan asked if we could put the windows (power) down a bit (it was 90-friggin-degrees-plus today!), so I turned the key and "Good Directions" was playing on the radio. The whole van was singing along, so I left it playing until it ended... Somewhere Simon Cowell sensed a disturbance in the Force, I'm sure... :-)

Speaking of songs, while Emily was helping Shan make dessert for Sunday, she was singing "Girlfriend." I don't know why, but it amazes me that a four year-old knows the words to songs. Not just one or two, but lots of songs that we hear on the radio or from one of our MP3 players.... Of course, she often has her own lyrics, which makes listening to her sing all the cuter... :-)

For those of you keeping score, the Indians are STILL in first place in the A.L. Central. Talk about cool! :-) My Indians baseball card collection has been catalogued from 1970-1996 thus far, with at least 2600 cards logged. I say "at least" because that is how many are in the computer. I have a stack that are not in there yet form those years because the sets the cards belong to are not in the database I have. That means I have to find out what the sets are 'called' or 'named' and then create those sets in the program... Ah, the darker side of organizing a card collection.... :-) Emily has been helping out - she likes to put the 'stickers' on the folders. I printed out address labels with the Indians logo and the year on them, and then she and I stuck the labels to the 3-ring binders that hold the cards for that year. I am looking forward to logging the cards from 1900-1969 and my 'oddball' cards, but that is going to be a chore, since most of those cards either do not have the year printed on them, or they are made by far-out companies and the sets aren't in ANY database... :-)

We ate supper with the Hartmans tonight at Pizza Hut. The kiddos and I spent a fair amount of time spitting straw paper through straws at each other. When it comes right down to it, I'm pretty much a big kid at heart... Much to Shan's chagrin sometimes, I'm sure... But, hey, I got it honestly - my Dad was the biggest kid I ever knew.... I know Greg and Michelle's girls think I am totally weird, but I'm hoping it's things like shooting spit-balls at each other that stick with them (and our kids too) when they get older and think back to their school-age days...."Remember the time Dave was spitting paper at us in Pizza Hut...." :-) Of course, their oldest likes to make sure I don't get a big head about things... She made a point to discuss my grey hair and my bald head.... Ah, doncha just love kids?

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