Jun 1, 2007

The hard part

Not long ago, I received word from Shan that the UPS delivery person delivered the boxes from Iraq and Kuwait that contain my Dad's belongings. As I write this, it is 2:45 in the afternoon and I am at work (apologies to my bosses).

On one hand, it should be fairly straight-forward, I would think.... Open the boxes, sort what's inside... On the other hand, because we don't know what we'll find inside, we don't know what to expect. He could have things in there that he was going to take to give to Mom, or us, or the kids. If there is a camera in there (I think he took his digital, if I remember - or Mom sent it to him maybe?), what pictures are on the camera that we haven't seen yet? What 'trinkets' will he have?

The hardest part, I think will be the knowing... The knowing that these are the last of his belongings. He's been gone for more than a month, and it still doesn't seem real some days.... This will be all TOO real.... Just as 'real' as the first time we saw him laying there, his life and spirit gone.....

I will update this later, after we hold on to the things he last held himself....

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  1. I am glad that you were there when your mom opened the boxes from Iraq containing your dad's belongings and such. I know that must have been hard. I talked to your mom about 9:30 last night and she didn't sound good. She said it was cause she was already in bed cause her prolapse was really bothering her, which is probably true too, but I think that she was once more emotionally wiped out. I hope you download the pictures from the digital camera, if there are any on it. It will be interesting to see what your dad was seeing then. I have kept every single email he sent us, whether it was pics of stuff over there or just a joke or just a note to say hey. I know you'll keep me "posted". Pun intended. LOL if you can.