Jun 19, 2007

Hanging Out

Well, Wal-Mart did not have any cheap wireless keyboards, nor did the wired keyboards have USB connectors.. Yeesh... So, John suggested a cutting board. We found a cool folding one that happens to also serve as a 'tabletop' for the Q1! Of course, it is still very weird typing on this soft, flexible keyboard... But hey, it beats typing everything out with a stylus!!

The television is on though we aren't really watching it. Turns out it is wrestling and apparently,they would have you believe that Vince McMahon was killed by a car bomb.... Here's the rub: No matter what the show says, at least one reporter contacted the local 911 and the whole thing was a stunt. Gotta love entertainment....

Ever wonder what your kids are saying when they're chatting or texting? Try
http://www.teenchatdecoder.com/. Just start typing an acronym (like POS) and the site will show you what the 'decoded' phrase is...

I saw a commercial for a new movie "1408" based on Stephen King's short story by the same name. The story is one of the freakiest ones I have heard, and sounds very creepy when you listen to King read it himself... I hope the movie does the story justice. But, I recommend you listen to it before you see the movie!

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