Jun 19, 2007


Before we hit the road for Hot Springs, I thought I would write a little during lunch. I'm not sure if I am 'allowed' to do this using the work computers during my own lunch hour, but I figure it's worth a try.

At work, we have new rules... Well, they aren't new so much as 'being enforced.' We (the Technology Dept) had to come up with a list of acceptable software that people can use, and refine our 'surfing' policy. I reviewed the policy several times at "blogging at lunch" was not on either list, so I'm going with the "no news is good news" policy on this one... :-)

I have officially entered all the cards in my Indians 3-ring binders for years 1970-2002 (the last year I had put them into binders). The total so far is just over 3800 cards. Technically, I should offer up a few disclaimers (which only serve to explain to myself why the number may not be where I think it should be):
  1. The total so far does NOT include cards for which no set exists in the database i am using (meaning I have to add the set in order to put the cards in it),
  2. The total does not include card that are in my "Autographs, Stickers, and Oddballs" folder,
  3. The total does not include cards that are in boxes and are otherwise scattered around the home-office (the scattered cards are much to the chagrin of my wife!),
  4. The total does not include cards that may be inadvertently stuck in my "duplicates" boxes (accidentally placed there because I *thought* they were duplicates, but may not actually *be* dupes...),
  5. And, finally, I keep buying cards, so the total will grow and grow (though at present I am trying to get a handle on how many cards I had *before* my latest card-buying spree).

You're probably wondering why I keep you updated on my baseball card collection... Well, okay, maybe you're not wondering... LOL... Who knows why... Look at this way - it gives you something to roll your eyes about when you stop over... :-)

I have been invited to join the State Technology Coordinators for dinner (that is Supper for my southern readers). I used to be a member of that group, so it will be fun to hang out and catch up on things, generally make a fool of myself, and my wife can smile - thankful she is not there to have to witness it all... :-) I'll let ya know how it goes....

I saw this and had to show you... Look very closely... It is a photo from a SPELLING-BEE CONTEST!!

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