Feb 27, 2014

Susan Gilley Google Stuff and more 2nd half #tie14 #arktie2014

Susan Gilley Google Stuff and more 2nd half #tie14 #arktie2014

This is the 2nd half of Thursday's preso from Susan Gilley.

Flubaroo can assign point levels to various questions. Then, tell the program which answers are correct. Choose one set of answers as the correct answer key. Scores dumped into Google Sheet, build charts regarding results. Use to determine which topics need review or show proficiency.

Formulas and functions
Transpose - convert data from horizontal to vertical and vice versa
Use the sheet's unique key - importrange to create sheet other users cannot alter
Concatenate - combine cell contents and/or combine info

List of formulas and functions: https://support.google.com/drive/table/25273?hl=en

Can also do LEFT,A1,1 / RIGHT,C9,4 etc to select certain characters

Create Flash cards. Create Spreadsheet. Or use a form to collect the info! One column has "side 1" next column has "Side 2"
Publish web page. Use Flippity.net to paste the link and create cards!


Susan's awesome Delicious bookmarks: https://delicious.com/sgilley

PD? Use Twitter.com and use hashtags. Ex: #tical14, #iste13. Assign to various staff. Have them follow the tags and then present what info is being shared! Virtual PD transferred to live PD.

Use Google calendars and HTML to grab link and build one long URL for a shared public calendar.
Ex: http://harrison.k12.ar.us/2013-14_calendar

Use Autocrat script to create letters to Santa in a MadLibs style! Also to create form letters. Create the letter, then create the form. Be sure to run on first item before running for real.

Doctopus scripting for sending docs to groups of students!

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