Feb 27, 2014

Susan Gilley Google Stuff and more 1st half #tie14 #arktie2014

Susan Gilley Google Stuff and more #tie14 #arktie2014

sgilley.com - Conference Notes.

Easy Blog Jr - easy blogging for young writers

Use Chrome tab pinning to save tabs - Point to tab at top, right-click, Pin This Tab

Create your own certificate using Autocrat and Google Forms.

BatchGEO - Combine it with a Google Form and get information. Takes the information and creates a map of the information and info about you. Classroom setting: President Hometowns, NASCAR Driver info, Author birthplaces, etc. Activate a pin and have student ocme present - no powerpoint, etc. Just present!

Doctopus - Push documents to student folders


Goobric - Design rubric, score document, Doctopus sends doc to student.

Scripting not available in the new Google Sheets yet! Go to settings and revert back to old Sheets.

Discipline forms

Google Forms will create charts and graphs for you based on data.

Surveys, etc

Use Tab Scissors and Tab Glue to show a test and answer key on same screen easily. Scissors will split tabs, glue puts tabs back.

Flubaroo - script that be used to grade assignments

Within a Google Doc, you can click on selected text, search and apply the link. Search is not working in Google Docs at the time of this writing.

Research Tool - select text, use the Tools Menu and Research, choose the format (APA, MLA), drag into doc. Adds footnote with link in chosen style.

Keyboard shortcuts for Chromebooks:

Use "Make a Copy" to save yourself from losing your original document. Use revision history to review changes, saves, etc.

Google Image Search by Image: http://images.google.com/imghp?hl=en

Create a template for sharing with your teachers. Have them publish it and send link to webmaster for district. Future revisions will be automatically updated from Google Docs. No new link needed.

Get templates. Create a new doc, file new from template. OR, add this to your drive:

Social Media in Schools: FB, Twitter, Instagram, OverGram, Remind101, G+, etc all from the Principal/Supt

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