Feb 28, 2014

George Lieux #tie14 arktie#2014

George Lieux #tie14 arktie#2014

Linoit - We used Linoit.com to post takeaways about previous sessions.

For student use: anonymous assessment. Exit slips - Different colors could mean different things. Green - learned, yellow - something not sure of, red - did not understand, etc

Connected learning is agnostic in the delivery and resources used. Connect learning to real-world engagement. This is not new, but we now have tools that make it much more accessible. Widening gap between "haves" and "have-nots."  The inequity is expanding even though the technology itself is much more prolific because students do not have access to the technologies and opportunities.

Padlet - padlet.com Double-click to add your post to the wall. This used to be WallWisher.

SAMR model for technology integration. Info: http://www.schrockguide.net/samr.html

S - Substitution, tech just replaces something you are already using
A - Augmentation, tech enhances something the students were doing, but not replace the task
M - Modification, tech allows major task redesign around the heart of the initial task (writing a collaborative essay instead of a single-author essay, edit cycles, etc)
R - Redefinition, tech allows for creation of new tasks made possible by the new technology. Essay now changes into video or digital storytelling and then students become mentors to other students.

We viewed several different videos and then talked in groups about where on the SAMR scale the sample lessons fell.

Hackpad - hackpad.com - Collaborative board site.

Looking at unit development:
McKenzie's Questioning Toolkit - http://fno.org/nov97/toolkit.html

LessonWriter.com - Helps create lessons.

Diigo group for Graphic Organizers: https://groups.diigo.com/group/graphic-organizers-fsps

Assessments: http://learninginhand.com/blog/show-what-you-know-using-web-mobile-apps-infographic.html

How do we know they learned "it?"

How will they learn "it?"

Sites with lesson plans:

TIMS - Tech Integration Matrix

We used a Moodle course that George created called "Reduce Stress from TESS" (TESS is the new teacher evaluation system in place in Arkansas): http://swaecmoodle.k12.ar.us/course/view.php?id=8 - the passcode is: TESS

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