Feb 27, 2014

Richard Byrne Keynote #tie14 #arktie2014

Richard Byrne Keynote #tie14 #arktie2014


Do your kids know what happens when THEY get Googled? Jobs, dates, schools...

Jobs that went out (Ex: phone operators, ice delivery, stenographers, etc) in which people never saw as going away. Our job as educators is to identify those jobs that will go away. How do we prepare students for that transition?

What are some examples of jobs around today that will disappear in 5-10 years? (backchannel - www.todaysmeet.com/jobs)

Some jobs changed for the better: dentists, forestry, agriculture, etc.

(I got called out to provide some tech support for another meeting)

I came back to a conversation about MOOCs - OpenCulture.com - Lifelong, ongoing learning

The time to sit and reflect is essential. You can get lost in Google, Feedly, etc. We must encourage our students to think about the information they have taken in. It is through reflection time in which we come up with our next ideas. Let our imaginations go wild.  Napoleon Hill "Think and Grow Rich."

Two kinds of imagination: Creative imagination (writers, artists, etc) and Synthetic Imagination (Vision and Development, Synthesizing ideas - ex: Steve Jobs)

Aurasma - augmented reality - Students take info, make a video, and scan an object that is used as the trigger to launch the Aura.

Remixing videos, music, etc.

A lot of things happen in Study Hall. How can a student be a writer? Blogging, writing, publish via sites like CreateSpace, Lulu, etc. Ex: "Art of Non-Confomity"

YouTube as a money-maker. Everything is a remix. Ex: Kutiman-Thru-You on YouTube.

Soundcloud - share your sounds.

Encourage our students to take the risks. Put it together and show it to the world.

Richard's sessions will focus on tying all these things into CCSS.

Haiku Deck (and others) - presentations

Southwest Airlines gives employees the flexibility to deliver the message and have fun doing it. We should do the same with our students. Why force them to use a particular program or why force them to make a video? Let them meet the goal in the way THEY want to.

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