Feb 27, 2014

Harry Dickens AppSmash Pt 2 #tie14 #arktie2014

Harry Dickens AppSmash Pt 2 #tie14 #arktie2014

Google add-in script called MCQ. Grades assessments, emails students, also can provide links for explanations of missed questions.

Drop images, videos, and much more into Google Forms to create quizzes.

Hand scanner - http://www.amazon.com/Vupoint-Solutions-Portable-Scanner-PDSWF-ST44-VP/dp/B008FSEWS0/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1393532781&sr=8-6&keywords=magic+wand+scanner

Use page breaks in forms in conjunction with answer routing to help shape and or guide students through an assessment. You could also have students watch a video first, then answer questions. Based on their answers, route them accordingly. Students could create "Choose-Your-Own-Adventures" based in Google Forms.

Use educreations for formative assessment - have students post results to student folders. Virtual manipulatives can be stored in DropBox and then have students access those from within educreations.

Classflow - interactive whiteboard with or without a whiteboard in the classroom. Connect to DropBox for images, etc. It also has a resource folder and you can drop their resources into your own Resources folder.  Can embed Google Form, Doc, Etc as well.

Bookry.com creates book widgets.

What are other tools you can use for formative assessment? Think about it and let me know!

iTunes Course created by Tonia McMillan and Harry Dickens -

iRubric iPad/Android/Google app.

gClassFolders - Google class folders.

Helpful tool for teachers: Doctopus script - copy documents to students, keep track in spreadsheet, attach rubrics, etc.

Looked at Front Row Math app

VideoScribe - app and website

Animation Creator - offers "onion skinning" for animation. Also Smoovie for stop-motion movies has "onion skinning" overlays.

NumberKidz - fractions, etc.

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