Feb 27, 2014

Arkansas TIE Conference Keynote/Thoughts #arktie2014 #tie14

Arkansas TIE Conference  #arktie2014 #tie14

The 2014 Arkansas Technology Infused Education conference kicked off yesterday (Wednesday). We had a great opening session filled with tips, tricks, sites, apps, and more. We showcased the DoubleRobotics robot and talked about uses for the classroom (homebound students, etc) and for virtual workshop attendance, etc.

We had a slam that included Chrome add-ons such as "tldr (too long, don't read)" which summarizes a long web page into a paragraph, tab scissors and tab glue which does screen splitting, and others that presently escape me.

Some of the sites covered included oercommons.org, http://www.edudemic.com/, the ABC Hen House on Pinterest (http://www.pinterest.com/abchenhouse/), Goorulearning (http://www.goorulearning.org/#discover), and http://www.teachersfirst.com/index.cfm to name a few!

As I write this, it is Thursday morning and our keynote speaker is Richard Byrne (https://twitter.com/rmbyrne). Throughout the day, I will post entries for each session I attend as I am able. TIE tends to be VERY interactive and does not necessarily allow for long blog posts.

You can follow along on Twitter by following #tie14 and some folks will use #arktie2014 as a way to distinguish our conference from the other "TIE"-named conference that have nothing to do with our TIE.

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