Feb 28, 2014

Richard Byrne #tie14 #arktie2014

Richard Byrne #tie14 #arktie2014

Google Preso in which participants added images and questions students should try to solve:

Worksheet in using primary sources, wikipedia, etc:

What are some things left out of secondary sources? Very good to use with videos, especially. Ex: Crash Course Odyssey.  What was left out? What was emphasized that maybe shouldn't have been?


Allow your students to make comments as they read the article and have class discussions.

Can use primary source documents - interpretation and its role within a document. Stamp Act, for example. What does it say and how was it manipulated through interpretation?

Video project:
- Develops research skills
- Develops organization and planning skills
- Creates engaging demonstration of skills and knowledge

Engagement, Accessibility, Community

Types of video projects: Documentary, Instructional (quick overview of a unit, ex), Creative/Entertainment

Nextvista.org - Share videos. All videos must TEACH a lesson.
Black Death in 90 seconds
My Name is Michael

Public Domain, Fair Use, Creative Commons. Ideally use something student(s) create(s). Otherwise, get permission, find public domain or creative commons and worst-case Fair Use.

Public Domain
Creative Commons
Fair Use
("Harry Potter Can Fly")

Video creation: http://richardbyrnepresents.com/?page_id=36
-- Animoto.com - Short story (about students as intro), biographies of other people (Presidents, ex) - Why did we choose certain pics? What text can support images? Music: What are we using and why?

-- YouTube Photo Slideshow. Sign in, click Upload. Photo Slideshow. Add photos, pick music, choose audience (public, unlisted, private).

YouTube annotations to create hotlinks to other videos (video choose your own adventures!). Video manager, pick video, edit, annotations. Add annotation (choose type), add text, click Link and enter the url to another of YOUR videos.

WeVideo.com - Online video editor. Free and integrates with Google Drive accounts. Save other media for use in multiple projects. Limits: Can export 15 minutes of video per month. Watermark on video. Use fullscreen to see all the tracks.

Google Maps "thing" - Mapmaking with Google Maps.
Gear icon lower right, My Places, Create a map.
Up to 3 layers on each map for free. Can have different people work on different layers in same map (like google docs)

Can use a spreadsheet. Must have location (lat, lon or city,state) and place name.

Have students map out items related to class. Ex: key events in Revolutionary War; Locations of famous author birthplaces; etc. Add image/description about event/site/person in each marker and maybe links to further info/reading.

Google Lit Trips. googlelittrips.org - Requires Google Earth.

You can do an advanced search for KML/KMZ and load walking tours, etc.

Slides/info: http://bitly.com/tieslides

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