Jul 1, 2010

LifeLock Security Alert!

I opened my email yesterday to an email with the following subject:

LifeLock Identity Alert(tm) [Reference:XXXXXX-XXXXXX]

My heart skipped a beat.  I opened it up, and the message inside told me that someone had applied for credit with a certain card company.  If that person was not me, I should call LifeLock and talk to their rep.  So, I called.  After walking through their menu system, I finally got a human and she asked me all kinds of questions to make sure I was who I said I was.  Here is a tip: REMEMBER the answers to your security questions!

We talked for a bit, and then the light came on. I had, in fact, filled out an application as part of a points-earning program that I take part in. I felt like an idiot, except that I had done that some time ago.  Turns out, the card company was just slow in reporting that out.  In effect, it could have been a week or so between the time someone had tried it and I got notified.  Luckily, everything was legit this time.

I'm very glad I have the LifeLock service.  I know the things they do are things I could do on my own if I had the time and memory.  I don't. I feel a whole lot better knowing those guys are out there watching for me.

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