Jul 12, 2010


The wind blows across the dusty road causing dirt to lift from the ground in a cloud.  The cloud rises and falls, swirls and fades off to the left. A solitary figure stands silhouetted against the mountains in the background.  He moseys a few steps forward.  A ray of sunlight falls across his face.  He is... The Blogger! 

I've been away for a few days, hoping I'd transfer pictures to go along with the post.  As it turns out, I don't have the pictures downloaded yet, so you get the text version.

Last Wednesday and Thursday, I spent the days with Kevin Honeycutt (kevinhoneycutt.org) teaching us about the "wired learner" and about his project called "ArtSnacks" (www.artsnacks.org).  ArtSnacks is a social network for students - to post artwork, writing, music, videos, etc.  It was cool having my mother in the first session and my wife in the second one.

After the first session was over, Shan and the kids and I went to supper at Texas Roadhouse with Lindy, Phoebe, Kevin and Dr. Faber.  We had a great time!  After supper, we had to run to Target and Kevin rode with us back to his hotel room.  He lent his iPad to Emily and Tyler to play with for the night!  He is a VERY cool guy.  Top that off with making me an iPad convert.  I never saw any reason to get an iPod XL, er, iPad.  But, after watching it in the kids' hands, I'm convinced the larger format is actually worth checking out.

Then, this weekend, Emily had her birthday slumber party.  We had six girls here.  There was laughter, giggling, whispers, and fun.  The girls played games, played with various Barbie dolls, and ate pizza and cupcakes with ice cream.  I was a bad husband and went to bed at midnight, leaving Shan to watch over the late-night shenanigans.  The girls stayed up until about 2am or so, then were wide awake again at 7:30!  They had donuts for breakfast then played some more.  We bought 'fairy princess' craft kits for the girls so they could make their own princesses. 

Had this been a boy's party, the kids would have just glued things on to match the picture.  Since it was girls, they only used certain pieces and parts and then they used markers to color the foam characters any way they wanted.  It was incredibly creative!  I will post pictures eventually, I'm sure! :-)

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