Dec 4, 2009

You just never know...

On Thursday (yesterday), the Arkansas school technology coordinators covered a plethora of topics.  One participant shared what he learned, and I thought I would share it with you.

Things I learned today:
  • Looking for aliens at school can get you fired.
  • There are computers in heaven.
  • XP can look like Windows 7.
  • Erate windows open a portal to the past.
  • The naming of Windows 7 was a rounding error.
  • Apple is to Microsoft as CNN is to FOX.  Or was it the other way: Apple is CNN as Microsoft is to FOX.
  • All those who have seen a pinwheel of death are dead and can't talk about it.
  • Google may put OpenDNS out of "business."
  • Piracy pays.  (Both for Apple and  Somalia.)  :)
  • There are no luke-warm opinions when it comes to mixing government and religion.
The various discussions took place throughout the day via email.  People responded to the various posts/topics as they could throughout the day while putting out the fires they had to deal with in their daily lives.  Also, everything listed here actually was born from only three separate emails, so far as I can remember.

It just goes to show you that you never know where a conversation can go, especially with as a diverse group of folks as we have in that which makes up the Arkansas school technology folks!

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