Dec 21, 2009

The iPhoneBook has reaching implications

What would happen if someone married traditional picturebooks with the technology of handheld computers? One company has proposed just that:

I like the idea of having the interactive features tied to the book the child is reading. Basically, it's the same kind of thing we've seen in the past, but updated with video and interaction as opposed to simply reading the book aloud when a page is turned. To me, that natural extension of what is shown in the video would be a text-and-picture book with the text in the actual book. Keep the "window" there for supplemental features, but let the book stand on its own for those times when the device is not available or when the child does not have access to the device (i.e, his/her parents do not own one).

Taking this further, what about coffee table books? You pick up a book on travel to Europe, slide in the iPod, and in addition to the author's notes and musings, you are presented with video, interactive photos, music from the area, etc!

A NASCAR book would not only depict and discuss the history of the racing, but also have 'bonus' features available when the reader inserts an iPhone/iPod Touch into the book's window. How about a book about your favorite sports team with info and highlights at your fingertips - why mess with DVD's when you can have it right there *IN* the book!?

Let your mind go wild with the possibilities!

(thanks to Teacher_Rick from the Netherlands for sharing the video on Plurk!)

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