Dec 20, 2009

Been keeping busy! WHEW!

Wow, I had no idea it has been nearly a week since my last post here. As many of you may well be, I have been busy with Christmas stuff and other happenings in general. So, here is a random-thoughts version of what I've been doing:

I cleaned my office at work. I wish I had taken before and after pictures. Basically, I have an L-shaped setup with my computer up on the desk next to my phone. With no bit a exaggeration, you could not see ANY part of my desk at all. It was covered with magazines, sticky notes, miscellaneous papers, folders, CDs, computer parts, and other flotsam and jetsam that had found its way onto my desk.

Add to that the floor surrounding my desk. I essentially had stacked boxes, binders, you-name-it around the floor near the walls. It was bad. It was awful, really. It was also about 3 years in the making.

So, on Friday before our Christmas break, Emily helped me clean things up! It will be so nice coming back to a VERY clean office after the break!

I have also been working with Kevin Honeycutt ( and HowieG ( on a theme song for D-and-R. They had some of the lyrics down, but I was asked to take it a step further. Once that was done, Kevin and I used Skype to video chat live together one night. He worked out the song on his guitar and we reworked a few of the lyrics in Google Docs. I'm looking forward to watching it grow as we add other collaborators (percussion, vocals, etc).

The kids and I did a little Christmas shopping today (Sunday). Shan and I are going on Monday and then I will be going out myself on Tuesday. Well, maybe. I might be able to sneak some of Shan's shopping while she is off at Payless Shoes, Bed Bath and Beyond, or some other store she loves. I'll let you know how that goes.

I also spent some time playing around on JibJab (the "Elf Yourself" guys). I put our faces in an abridged version of "A Christmas Story!" Watch it here! (I used Sarah Hartman's photo because I needed five people and it's always fun to include her in our goofiness... Well, fun for me anyway!)

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