Dec 11, 2009

Rockin (er, blues-in') on the iPod

I met Kevin Honeycutt ( at the TIE ( conference earlier this year.  He is a wild, enthusiastic educator who loves to have fun bringing technology into schools, SHOWING how to use it.

Last night (Thursday), Bob (from Western Co-op in Branch, AR) and I met up with Kevin at a nearby Waffle House.  Kevin had never been to one before and he decided that was where we would eat supper.  The night started out like this:

And when things start out like that, they can only get nuttier.  After supper, we headed back to Kevin's room where he had several iPod Touches, a guitar, amp, and wiring to hook it all together.  Using the "Band" app on the Touch, along with other apps we tried, we managed to pull together a bluesy song and our own rendition of "Wipeout" (appropriate, given how it sounded!)

Kevin is a fan of streaming anything and everything, so he recorded us practicing last night.  Here are the two videos:

We started the night out just trying to figure things out.  We played different songs, letting ourselves get a feel for the software and trying to help Bob and me find rhythm.  It was not easy.  Eventually, though, we were so goofy that we kind of forgot about what we were doing, and things (sorta) came together.  I am hoping to do something similar in a workshop for teachers next summer!  It is going to be a blast!!

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