Jun 17, 2009

Welcome to Schaumberg

Even though we've been spending a lot of time in downtown Chicago, our training is actually being held in one of the suburbs: Schaumberg.

This is the building where the training is taking place. It's being conducted by Global Knowledge.

Our instructor was flown in from North Carolina and he is very sharp on SharePoint-related information. He is also one of three programmers Global Knowledge has, so he is assigned the .Net classes (including the SharePoint programming class)

And, I'm sure you know my picture-taking well enough by now to know I'll stop and take a picture of the local foliage when the opportunity presents itself:
There probably won't be pictures tonight, unless I grab the camera for our trip to Gino's Pizza. I think the plan for tonight is to visit the largest mall in the US (in retail space). Yeah, I know, the largest physical mall is The Mall of America, but it has coasters, and rides, etc. Supposedly, the one near here is the largest in actual space dedicated to stores. If we go, I'll be sure to post some pics...

The training is going well, but by 4:15pm yesterday, we were wiped out. In fact, we are heading in early today to do the lab...

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