Jun 10, 2009

It's Grillin Day

For the past few days, the education service center where I work has been hosting an "Administrator's Institute" - a 3-day intensive focus for Superintendents, Principals, and other administrators. There have been somewhere around 70 or so admins from our schools and from schools in other co-ops.

Today is the 'big day.' we will have around 90 people in the conference room, plus there at least two other workshops going on with 12-25 people each, PLUS staff that work at the co-op, PLUS people who come by to have things done as part of the daily routine of co-op business.

What does all of this have to do with grilling? Well, you see, under "other duties as assigned," the three guys that work for the co-op have been tasked with grilling roughly 90 steaks for lunch. I suddenly feel like that guy on Dinner: Impossible, but I don't have any culinary experience....well, unless you count my grilled cheese and my general failures to successfully cook spaghetti as 'culinary experience.'

I also volunteered myself to be the 'Chief Easter Bunny' (as one of the presenters called it) for a geocaching workshop we are holding today. Basically, in my infinite wisdom and lack of understanding just how many people were going to be here on this day, I volunteered to hide various caches for the geocachers to find. No big deal, right? Wrong. Every cache location was selected because of its proximity to the co-op. It's a short workshop (3 hours) so I made everything close by.

I have a feeling the caches will be found without the aid of a GPS unit simply based on the law of averages that says, "if you put 125+ people in one small place, some are bound to find 'hidden' geocaches simply by walking past them." Yes, it's a law, I looked it up, or read about it, or it fell out of the space between my ears. Hey, we're losing focus here... The point is, I am not sure the trinkets I am hiding will actually still be there by the time the geocaching workshop starts! Oy!

I'll keep ya posted. In the meantime, I've got to get dressed in my dress-code-approved work attire. And then go grill steaks in slacks and a polo. This should be interesting... I'll take pictures, and if I end up with as much on me as I serve, I'll have someone take pictures of me. But you never know, I may come out clean as a whistle, as they used to say.

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