Jun 4, 2009

Am I brilliant or what?

One of my 'other duties as assigned' came in the form of setting up three Wii's that we are using for summer workshops this year. Yes, teachers are learning how to use the Wii in their classrooms as a teaching tool - VERY cool stuff!!

Well, one of the items required is the Internet Channel. On the Wii, you have to 'buy' the channel for 500 points. Of course, you don't get any points when you buy a Wii, so you have to purchase points to spend. Points cards can be found at Wal-Mart, target, etc, or you can buy directly online through the Wii itself.

In my brilliance, I opted for door number two. I used the company credit card and bought 1000 Wii points (the smallest increment available). I assumed that at some point, I would be prompted for my email address in order to get a copy of the receipt. WRONG! The only receipt available was on the screen. So, in order to show the bookkeeper that I paid for the points, I grabbed my handy dandy phone and snapped a photo:

(pertinent info blanked out for legal reasons)

To put it mildly, the bookkeeper was *NOT* impressed. But, what else could I do at that point, right?

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