Dec 9, 2008

Stop the Rock, can't stop the Rock...

Hard to believe, but after a trip to Phoenix last week, I am in Little Rock tonight for another training. This is not a conference, but rather a training being offered to all the state technology coordinators and distance learning coordinators. We are such a varied group as far as our backgrounds go, that a 'melding of the minds' was deemed to be in order. So far, it's been great for me. I have a techie background, so I am learning how to become a better trainer by learning just HOW teachers can integrate all this technology into their lessons.

As was pointed out today, the best thing to happen is to take something teachers are already doing, and then give them new/cool tools/ways to help them do it 'better.' Better, by my own definition, means they get the students to use it in ways that enhance their learning and keep them engaged in the activity.

For the record, despite my better judgement (well, okay it was POURING down rain this morning), I did not bring a camera.

I am about to head out to supper because it's being paid for! My Dad always said, "Never pass up free stuff. Especially if it's food!" Amen!

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