Jul 27, 2008

Shan's latest obsession

Now that I have Shan addicted to reading people's blogs, she has one that was recommended to her by a friend. To say Shan is hooked on "The Pioneer Woman" is an incredible understatement.

The Pioneer Woman writes about her life as a big-city transplant and her kids and marriage to the man she calls, "The Marlboro Man." Her posts REGULARLY get 5000+ comments each. That's a FIVE with THREE zeroes behind it, people! Talk about being a successful writer.

Her stories are witty, sarcastic, and sometimes poignant. She posts recipes that she likes to make, and each one has a story and actual step-by-step photos to go along with them.

Check it out. You will NOT be disappointed.

1 comment:

  1. Glad to be the friend to recommend. Glad Shan enjoys!!