Jul 7, 2008

Good Intentions

My original plan was to post daily updates as tothe happenings in Orlando. Unfortunately, with the Internet connection such as it is here, that isn't happening. I did manage one other post, though. When we get back, I'll post our daily happenings as if I had done them for each day, plus I'll post a bunch of pics on my Picasa site for ya! :-)

As a quick update, though, we went to Epcot on Saturday (read about that in my other post), Animal Kingdom on Sunday, and today (Monday) we are heading to Magic Kingdom.

Animal Kingdom was okay, not our favorite by any stretch. In fact, if it weren't for Everest and Dinosausr rides, I'm not sure I would have enjoyed it as much. The African Safari jeep ride was very cool, though! Well worth getting a fast pass or seeing first thing when you get there! The shows were also good, but it was a lot like going to a very hot zoo (in my opinion). I think it was worth doing, and if you have never been before, I recommend checking it out. Nemo the musical was FANTASIC and gives you the on-stage equivalent of seeing the movie in about 30 minutes! We tried to see the Lion King, but they had technical difficulties and had to kick us out of the theater! Everyone thought it was a joke at first, but nope, we got 'escorted' out of the buuilding. Something about a trap door that didn't spring open as planned... Oh well!

We got back to the hotel after a $40 cab ride that we were told would be about $25... UGH! Everyone (except me) took a swim in the pool and then we went to eat!

Today is Magic Kingdom, and I cannot wait! Emily is having the princess makeover done, so we'll take lots of pictures!!

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