Oct 1, 2006

Web pages, horse washing, and football

Tyler and a couple of his friends (mainly just one other cohort) are laying out the plans for a Pokemon-related RPG web site. They are currently registered with one (pokemoncrater.com), but they like the idea of creating their own Pokemon worlds where they get to play king.... One small problem.... These are middle-school kids with little or no idea as to HOW web pages work. That's where Dad comes in. So today, I ordered a book on PHP, MySQL, and game development... I'm sure there was another book in there somewhere, but I really don't remember.... That seems like days ago now... :-)

Emily has entered a new level of inquizativeness... Yes, all children go through the "what's that?" phase... She did that a couple years ago... Now, since her vocabulary is so much stronger, she has graduated to "What does that do? What's that for? How do I...." Today, it was laundry. "Why do we put clothes in different piles? What's the stuff in the bottle? How long does it take to do laundry?" And, just as quickly, "Can I type on your laptop?"

Skipping ahead in the day, Emily had been asking if we could go outside and play football all day... So, after the heat starting fading (Yes, 95+ in October?? There are still some things that I am getting used to, though I have been in Arkansas now for more than 16 years....), we went out to play football....

Our first stop on the "Family Circus" method of playing football was the goat pen. We needed to put the goats in for the evening, and get them fed. Wait... Since we're feeding the goats, we should probably feed the horse... "Hey, I thought we were going to give Daisy a bath, Daddy...." So, we grab the brushes, comb, Horse-n-Mane shampoo, along with various other essentials for horse-bathing... Of course, Daisy had other ideas. You see, she was expecting me to bring her feed to the trough.... Instead, I met her with the lead rope (well, okay, I had to substitute one of her new reins until we get a new lead rope.. LOL). She turned and trotted off, whinnying and, I'm quite sure, sneering at me... I opted for bribery. I know, you're not supposed to, but the heck with it. After a small "treat," Emily and I led Daisy to be bathed... "Can we wash her face? Can I use the brush? Can I squirt her? Can I put soap on her? Do I have to use the brush, or can I use my hands? Can I comb her tail? How come she keeps smacking me with her tail?" The questions kept coming and the late afternoon had slipped to early evening.... After we finished bathing Daisy, we turned her back out and gave her the meal she thought she was getting... Emily says that since Daisy did such a good job with her bath, we need to give her an award (meaning RE-ward..). I'm very interested to see what this "award" entails... :-)

And, yes, after (or rather, during) a visit from my folks, we did get to play football. Emily scored three touchdowns and learned how to throw the ball up in the air and catch it herself.

Sometimes, it's not the destination.... It's the journey we take to get there....

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